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Adorably Again

My favorite youtube kid, Theo, the same little boy who took impromptu Shakespeare masterclasses with Brian Cox almost a year ago (click here to see my post of him doing Hamlet’s 3rd soliloquy), sings “My Wee Gas Mask” .  A year later, and  just as adorable! —

Here are the lyrics to the song:

In my wee gas mask, I’m working out a plan
Tho’ all the kids imagine that I’m just a bogey man
The girls all smile and bring their friends to see
The nicest lookin’ warden in the A.R.P.

Whenever there’s a raid on, listen to my cry
An airy-plane, an airy-plane away-way up-a-kye
Then I run helter-skelter but don’t run after me
You’ll no get in my shelter for it’s far too wee.


5 thoughts on “Adorably Again

  1. Thank you for sharing this video. My grandfather, who served in the Royal Air Force, used to sing the airplane part of this song to us whenever we saw an airplane over head. Since he is now dead it brings fond memories of him.

    1. HI Christopher: Thanks for the comment, which is timely that I read it on Remembrance Sunday. I am realizing how much more honoring, remembering and pride the British put to those who have served in the wars, compared to the US, as this is the first time I’ve actually witnessed a full ceremony. I first heard this wee gas mask ditty only through this Theo video, but now I know it quite by heart. :)

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