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Fringe Benefits

From my desk in Chicago, IL.

Today, I was complimented twice on this tshirt I got from last year’s Fringe (The Edinburgh Festival). See below. First in Wow Bao on State and Lake. And later on the 148 bus. Pleasant surprise. I didn’t realize it was THAT special. :) But anyway, the said event was held last year precisely around this time.  My t-shirt says “Aug. 7-31”.  I bet this year’s is going on right now. I will find the link and update this post later.

p.s., Update:  And indeed it is ongoing:  06 to 30 August.  Click here for the home page. Here for twitter, and here for their Facebook “like” page.


2 thoughts on “Fringe Benefits

  1. Hi Hun, it’s a very special festival is Edinburgh, I love it and keep meaning to visit.

    What’s happened to your page on Facebook? You just dissapered and didn’t even say ‘Goodbye’

  2. Hey Dave: YOu’ve never been to the Fringe yet? Whatever happened to honoring your Scottish heritage? :) You can begin preparing next year. The FB page is deactivated for now. Twitter is still open. Simpler. :) Will PM you other/additional reasons. YOu need to jumpstart your twitter, green apple.

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