Lost In Translation

“Engrish” Subtitles

It’s all in the ears, and to be honest, there really have been days here in Jolly Olde where I could swear I do not speak English.  We live in the “northwestern” part of England (middle part of the UK), and people here have “broad” accents.  I often wonder how C is able to tell spot a “northern” accent, or a “Liverpool”, Scottish, Welsh (ad nauseum) accents.  For me, its simpler.  You either have the BBC accent, or a “was-that-really-in-English?” accent.  Really, there must be something wrong with my ears.  But anyway,  I am of the conviction that there are way too many variations on the theme of English going around in the world.  Not the least of which is…. Chinese English.  Especially of the kind where either some high-tech, unreliable translation technology is involved; or perhaps an English-Chinese dictionary that just didn’t make it through quality control.

Recently, I found a box of  “Health Bath Salt – Natural Bathing Product” in a friend’s bathroom.  The product was “made in China” and of course, the info on the box was mostly in Chinese.  Except one of the side panels which had — yay! — some info in English….. Or is it?  Here goes —

Ingredients: Natural solar salt, vitamin E, spice food grade pigment.
Usage: Add 1 pack per use to the bathwater.
Bathing: 5-10 minustes
* Cleaning and moisturizing the skin.
* Sweat deodoring and refreshing.
* Smells of Charming Odor
Hmmmm….  :)
English is a funny language; that explains why we park our car on the driveway and drive our car on the parkway.  ~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on ““Engrish” Subtitles

  1. alala. Here in Hong Kong we’re surrounded by Chinglish (Engrish is more the Japanese version) and the British English 24/7. It’s good times. =D

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