Match Made In (Football) Heaven

I’ve always been a big FIFA World Cup fan.  Maybe moreso excited this year with the much anticipated match between, — what else — England vs. USA.* (Last time the 2 countries played against each other was in 1950 in Brazil, a terrible upset for the English team).  The match takes a special dimension for me now that I’ve moved to England, which makes me somehow torn between allegiance.

England and America, it is obvious to me, has more than just a common language separating them.  It’s the general attitude which undoubtedly developed from their respective histories and culture.  It’s obvious in the build-up to tomorrow’s big game.  On the one hand is England, undeniably one of the World Cup’s strongest and finest, yet going into tomorrow’s match with some trepidation and unwilling to be totally optimistic of a win.  On the other hand, young Team USA, the true underdogs with the never-say-die, anything-can-happen attitude.

Look at how each country cheers its team.  In contrast to the USA’S “GO TEAM USA!”, England’s is, uhm…. “Come on England”.


Yeah, tacky mannequin

almost as if begging to extract a performance from its players, a plea for the team to please not let them down.  “Come on, England” is not as gung-ho as “Go Team USA”…. its a call to fight that is an acknowledgement that the game is their’s to lose, — but please hopefully not.

It’s very interesting to see this difference in attitude.  And while overconfidence can translate to arrogance, and reservation can translate to tentativeness, here’s hoping that the good sides of these traits come out tomorrow.  That would make the game more interesting.  A strong team that stays watchful of giving its best, against a team with still something to prove to prove something.   Makes for an exciting fight tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I struggled to find a shirt in this town (or even in this country) with a USA logo, but I found accessories to go with my white shirt, jeans and red shoes tomorrow.  Here —

Happy Game Day!


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