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Sign Language

A couple of days ago, while walking down the streets of Canterbury (Kent) towards the center, I found this little sign by the under-serious-renovation St. Mildred’s Church:

Yeah, I too always thought signs best served their purpose when they are very simple notices.  If possible even understandable by older kids.  In the US, this same sign would probably read “Watch Out (or Keep Out).  Falling Debris.”  But this one looked, amusingly, more like a legal document.  “Falling Masonry”?  and “Inclement Weather Conditions”??  As I often tell the hubby, …. “seriously, who talks like that in daily conversation?”  :)


6 thoughts on “Sign Language

  1. That is hilarious. Especially the use of “inclement” — clearly the person who made this has not been through the training about making all items for public consumption readable at the 8th grade (US, whatever corresponding year that is in England) level…

    1. true! in fact, i DID mention to the hubby “why limit themselves to “inclement weather” situations? what if something falls on our heads just because of the law of gravity?” Oh, these Brits…. :)

      1. Goodness! Definitely not the kids I am seeing around here (or perhaps I am just in the wrong town?) :-)

  2. LOL This is something I have noticed many times in the UK and always point out to my boyfriend. I like the British signs that clarify under which ordenance (number and everything) this particular sign/regulation falls.

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