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A Very Special “Warehouse” In The Heart of Chicago

Just down the row of our offices, along the same quiet row of converted warehouses in Ravenswood by the Brown Line is this little gem of  a place.  Actually “little” is hardly a word to describe this place.  Architectural Artifacts, Inc., is a huge — and I mean HUGE — warehouse of architectural and interior pieces, tens of thousands of square feet of floor space.  I discovered it a few months ago, quite accidentally, while walking to meet up with a friend at a nearby restaurant.   Walking past I noticed a pair of unusually beautiful doors inside a showroom, rested against the walls.  If they were selling, I thought to myself, this would be exclusively for trade only.  I slowly walked in, with much hesitance, only to be welcomed by a lady inside — “hello, come on in”, as she turned back to whatever she was doing.  Ah, the perfect welcome — not ignoring, but not overwhelmingly hard-sell either.  From there on, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Happily lost.

The place has everything  from religious art —

to ironwork from industrial springs, candles and gates —


to time pieces that follow Sun or Stars —

Seats of Clergy, Choir or Churchgoers —

Pieces of whimsy —

The seriously intricate, ornamental or elaborate —

to things “retro” —

And yes, I wondered who could own this heaven of a business?  This guy.  Boy, I wish I had his job.  Or maybe half his enthusiasm and energy.

Architectural Artifacts,  4325 N. Ravenswood, Chicago IL 60613 • 773.348.0622.  Open 10-5, 7 days a week.

Oh, and by the way, those doors I saw leaning against the wall by the entrance?  They’re from the mansion of the family that founded Amway.

Me, clicking away ....

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