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~Holiday Note~

This is still Miss Chicago, in a different “dress”.  I’ve decided to change my blog’s appearance just for the Christmas holidays — Christmas colors.  Christmas theme.  Even the falling snow.  I promise to revert everything to “normal” after the holidays.  :)  This year is going to be my first Christmas in the UK — far from old home, family and friends but nearer to new ones.   I arrived in Manchester from the Windy City 3 days ago, just before the snow and cold got EVEN worse.  I miss it already.  Good thing is that the harsh cold while I was there has made whatever they have here pretty easy to manage.  Weather-wise that is.

I am documenting everything about this year’s English Christmas (or should I say “British Christmas” to be politically correct?).  At least the highlights, so watch for it.  ;)  For some strange reason, while it is really never even close to as cold here in the UK as it is in Chicago (where I left under -20F weather, yes there is a minus in front of the number and yes, that is Fahrenheit), it somehow always feels colder here.  Warmth I guess operates on all levels, not just externally; and I am optimistic that things are thawing somewhat somehow over here.

Happy Christmas — which is how they say it here, more than “Merry Christmas”.  and I am wishing this Christmas will be toasty and memorable.


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