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I read this blog post of an American’s observation on the British gal’s Saturday night attire.  I couldn’t agree with it more, and I just could not stop laughing.  Finally — my sentiments/observations exactly! — and I could not express it as hilariously!

Flashback:  Not too long ago, while in town on Saturday in Manchester (UK), I once commented about how “different” British girls dressed on weekends.  [Note: I was honestly thinking “slutty”, but the diplomatic “different” came out of my mouth.]  My husband (then boyfriend) beamed proudly and said “yeah, women here really fixed themselves nicely when they go out.”  OH.MY.GOD.


5 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Completely different from a night out in Chicago. For me fashion goes out the window as soon as December comes. Long parka, fleece hat and mittens. Underneath I can wear very little but no one ever knows!!! Oh, and snow boots!

    1. Very true! Today was a dive. I had the whole Chicago gear on, and STILL almost chilled to death. :) But who wouldn’t after walking from Oakdale to Belmont and waiting 15 minutes for the N-bound 145?

    1. Yes, I wondered about that too! :) Because I wouldn’t dare. IN that “attire”, I’d not only be frozen in this weather, I’d be frigid for a while. :)

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you. I lived in Manc about 4 years ago and that was exactly what crossed my mind when I went out for the first time on a Saturday night. Girls do dress “different” as you say! Haha!

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