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“Bee British”

Even for a non-breakfast eater like me, I love the full English breakfast.  There’s nothing like it.  The heaviness and sinfulness of it all.  It’s a “The Works” kind of morning meal.  You have tea or coffee, and milk and juice, toast with marmalade, beans, bacon, sausages, sometimes black pudding, mushrooms, sunny-side up eggs (called “fried eggs”), baked beans and grilled tomatoes.  You can ask for “sauce” which translates to “ketchup”, or “brown sauce” which translates to ….uhm… some brownish sauce.

A couple of weeks ago, I was indulging in a bit of retail therapy at a local mall (Note:  Purchases count —  Zilch.  NONE.  None with these kinds of prices, sorry).  By 2:00 p.m., the ol’ tummy began to complain and I decided to look up the food court perhaps for a pie and coffee.  I came across a little “french cafe and boulangerie” with a sign announcing that “English Breakfast is Served All Day”, and I happily tell myself — yup that’s what I would like to have.  So, in I go, and precisely THAT, I ordered.


At the end of lunch, as I was waiting to pay, I noticed my unfinished toast moving.  When I moved the bread aside, I found a wasp (bee?) that just won’t go away.

Kept moving around — and wouldn’t leave —



But hey, when in Rome, right?  And therefore as part of my cultural immersion in this side of the pond, I do as the British.  I —


I paid up, said my polite thank-you’s, and left the place with nary a complaint.  In fact, for a while I debated whether to do the responsible thing of warning the food attendant, lest she be stung while clearing the plates.  My recently-acquired sense of propriety however tells me the more prudent thing is to let it be, and just walk away.  And that I did.

That night, I told C about this experience, every little detail —

Me :  …. and then I found a WASP in my food.  I mean, I don’t mean a WASP white anglo saxon protestant like you.  I meant a wasp-wasp.  You know, the insect.  

C (with British calm and reserve):  Oh you did?…

Me :  Yes, I did.  And you would be proud of me, because I reacted in a very British way :  The very British thing to do when you see a wasp creeping on your toast….

C :  (cutting in)  YOU ATE IT?

Yup.  Gotta love them.


10 thoughts on ““Bee British”

    1. I tried very hard to. :) I actually took about 6 shots of the wasp/bee (it was just THERE!). I’ll spare you the others though.

  1. Thinking of which, has your other half introduced you to the Carry On films yet? Now that really would be jumping in the deep end of British culture.

  2. Ha ha ha – I didn’t see that one coming. Very funny and very dry. My American husband goes bananas whenever there’s a wasp around. Too embarrassing. Yes I know they sting but if you sit still they very often leave you alone.

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