The Red Socks Play in Edinburgh

What’s with British men and their socks?  :)

I took lunch at the “Simply Food” section of UK’s “most trusted retail store”, Marks & Sparks, on Princes Street, Edinburgh.  An English gentleman comes in, very distinguished looking, snappily dressed, — the whole package complete with BBC accent and cutting wit (he was trading barbs with the guy behind the counter).  Nice suit.  Red scarf.  He walked with long strides and I could see — woh, crimson red SOCKS to match his red scarf. 

So I took out the secret camera.  And here he is.

edinburgh 003 

How quirkily cool!!!  Oh these British men.  As you know, they only LOOK straight and narrow, but they have their edge and kooky side hidden somewhere.  Keeps you on your toes.  And that,…  I like. :)

And this I-caught-you-with-edgy-socks-underneath-conservative-dress experience is not unique to me.  See this.


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