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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I am a bit of an etsy junkie.  I superheart etsy.  It’s part of my secret life, though not so secret now.  I don’t think my clients would ever believe I indulge in that kind of a diversion — but I do, and friends from way back would not be surprised about it.  It’s just that in this day and age of high docket and case traffic in “The Practice” with heavy reliance/usage of technology (read:  you work on your computer almost the whole day), most all Practitioners need those precious few moments in between to rest the eyes.  Some look to the hills (yeah, there are a few of us that are non-worldly I would imagine).  Some take on the golf course or walk down to the pub.  Many sneak out to indulge in retail therapy.  Some plod on with work and become the cattiest creatures.  And some of us do the easy thing — we click on the “etsy” tab and enjoy quiet sessions feasting our eyes on pretty handmade things, feeling more and more covetous by the second, and throwing our choices into our virtual “shopping carts”.  And then, rational beings that we are, we calm ourselves down, edit our wants (carts), convince ourselves we’re not supposed to spend hard-earned money on gorgeous little silly things, and get back to work,  silently convinced that we are in the wrong profession.

One of my favorite etsy sellers is “Lapomme“,  — She of the hand that is as nimble with the needle as it is skilled with the pen.  The artist-writer too is an expat.  She lives in the South of France.

I adore her lavender-packed pillowettes, as I like to call them (and of which I have a few, including in the form of uber-loveable worry dolls); —

worry dolls
squish 'em and you get a whiff of lavendar -- wooooh!

and greedily eye her bigger ones (which I must admit shuffles in and out of my shopping cart as I wrestle with my conscience).  But best of all, I love her little sleep angels.  Here are the ones I have.  Or “had” sounds more like it —   most of them are now in the hands and homes of my friends who are now Lapomme’s fans as well.  A sleep angel definitely is one of those things that is a delight to give and to get.  How did the artist manage to make each of them so loveable, well-dressed (in flowers and leaves) and sleepy looking, with just a few stitches here and there? I wonder —

I'm keeping the "black sheep", second from right.  She is actually made of heavy denim.
I'm keeping the "black sheep", second from right. She is actually made of heavy denim.

And to prove their really angels, look here, they have wings!

ok, now they have their backs turned to you, hohoho!
ok, now they have their backs turned to you, hohoho!

And because they have lavender inside, their aim is to get you sleeping but the downside is they just can’t keep themselves from dozing off —

lapomme 4

Meanwhile, I’ve made mental note to get the book (“Provenciana”) when they hits the shelves.


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