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As If I Knew Anything About Building Cars

This is from a note I wrote on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, when I was down in Silverstone with the hubby for a long weekend (Wednesday night to Sunday).  Hubby was Head Judge in one of the events (Presentation — which is the part where the students presented the business viability of the car — manufacturing and investment proposals, etc.)  at  Formula Student UK (Click here for a hornbook overview of what it’s all about).  The Event is HUGE — or “colossal” — as the Brits are wont to say.  I was impressed with the quality of the work product as well as the determination of the students, the intensity of the competition, and the dedication, commitment and passion on the judges and organizers.  Although I wouldn’t even know the difference between a monkey wrench and an electric drill (ok, so I exaggerate), here I was — the one God overlooked when He was giving out Technical Skills — joining in the hustle and bustle of a racecar building and designing event.  I must say that wasn’t too difficult really.   I had fun, met quite a few interesting people, and even got to sit in a few Presentation Judging sessions.  Also, as part of my role (read: “efforts”) as the new kid on the block, or perhaps the proverbial stranger who moves in to stir the town, — I helped out with some of the Judges doing legwork.  Believe me, VERY “leg” kind of work.  From picking up sweets for a hungry one, to helping to source a “calipher“,  to running down to Central Post to have exchange one of their radios for running out of batteries.  Yeah,  I guess when you have to fit in, you will do (close to) anything to fit in.  Sometimes I remind myself why I have to do this; smile, and press on, even with a different accent.

So here is my little journal entry, — and note the little connection to Charles Dickens tucked in.  :)

Last night was the last of 4 in Silverstone. I’m all “motor’d out” with the event (Formula Student). Imagine almost 24 hours of motor-talk all the time. Dinners the past few nights have been with MotorSport engineering gurus. It’s challenge enough to catch the accent. It’s worse that I could not understand the topic they talk about. But I am learning, and I can’t wait to get away and stop talking engineering and cars.

So this morning we checked out of The Saracens Head, our nice little hotel in Towcester (pronounced “Toaster”). It thrills me lightly that this hotel figures in Charles Dicken’s “The Pickwick Papers”. It’s a nice place, huge bedrooms and comfortable beds, and best of all, the service had been awesome.  Really, the  customer service in this hotel is to “US levels” — which I mean in a good way. Everything is more “can do” and “let me get it done for you as quickly as possible” with no complaints and no frowning in front of the customer — instead of the usual “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help you”. This is quite a welcome surprise.


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