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I haven’t been blogging much about what it is Miss Chicago misses about Chicago, thanks to the always-on-the-road kind of lifestyle we continue to lead.  This summer, Hubster’s weekends are almost all peppered with his motorsport hill climbs and sprint meetings, and a stint as a head judge in Formula Student in Silverstone (yeah, home of the British Grand Prix) which blocked a Wednesday to Sunday.  And on weekdays where his work requires him to be onsite, I come along, armed a armory of gadgets and communication devices for work, and do my thing while he is busy with his.  The cherry on the ice cream of course is having a nice dinner together at the end of the day.  :)  It’s an arrangement we try to keep — travelling together when we can — as we have enough time apart when I have to fly back to Chicago for work.  We don’t need to be apart even when we’re together in one country.

Needless to say, the house is yet to be straightened.  My bags are yet to be fully unpacked.  I need to get this place to look less like a bachelor’s pad and more like a woman lives here (too).  I have yet to find a friend that I can relate to.  So far, all the people I have been introduced to are acquaintances.  The short hi-hello chit chat times with them have not been enough for me to discover anything in common.  One thing here, they don’t reach out.  YOU have to try to blend in.  And I understand that too well, myself coming from a heritage where the home culture is propagated and visitors are supposed to assimilate.  But understanding that doesn’t make it all that easier.  It is on occasion a challenge when I want to call a friend, and suddenly have to stop myself because of the time difference.  Simple thing as that, but it drives a message home :  That I am no longer in any kind of home turf, and everything is about learning to fit in.

The other night while cuddled watching TV I wondered aloud to the hubby if I was doing adjusting alright to life in the UK.  He assured me I was doing “wonderfully”; and I thought to myself  “good job”.  :)  But yes, I miss Chicago.



2 thoughts on “Footnote Thoughts

  1. Ah, I’ve just worked out the clever double meaning of your blog title (I’m a bit slow, sorry).

    US expats all think that the Brits are difficult to get to know. You just have to give us time, I think. And be brave. Even if someone isn’t sending friendly signals, invite them to something. They’ll probably be thrilled you asked (even if they don’t show it).

    If you want a bit of US expat sympathy and tips, there’s a blog called She’s Not From Yorkshire, which might help.

    1. Yes! I tucked the double entendre a bit snugly and always get a kick when someone finds it. :) I’ve read “She’s Not From Yorkshire” — its such a fun blog. I love yours by the way, very much. Glad I found it. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement.

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