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You’re Right On My Radar – Chicago’s Public Transit

After a full day of travel (and travel delays), I am finally back in Chicago from Manchester. :)  Yay!  I’ve gone to my favorite bookstores in Evanston (nothing fancy, the usual B&N and Borders) and had early dinner with friends at our Filipino local favorite Isla.  Not that the city has much of a range of choices for Philippine food really.  We pigged out on the usual favorites:  kare kare, inihaw na baboy, pinakbet and adobong chicken and pork.  I should, and will, take pics next time.  

Anyhoo, today I was checking the bus schedule for a friend who slept over, and I realized that finally the real-time bus tracker for Chicago’s transit system is fully working.  On all routes now.  Another big yay!  So now, at any time, you can view online precisely what times the local bus will be right at your stop based on real navigation tracking.  I love technology!


2 thoughts on “You’re Right On My Radar – Chicago’s Public Transit

  1. I wish to experience public transit-ing in Chicago someday. I can just see myself and the hubby enjoying it immensely :) You paint such beautiful pictures in my head kasi e.

  2. Chicago’s transport system is VERY efficient, and it connects all the way to the suburbs. The Metra (train) connects to Wisconsin. It’s also very easy to navigate Chicago’s streets because the city’s streets and numbering system operates on a grid, all directions, and it follows a pretty precise numbering system. Therefore, even if you forget the street names, as long as you remember the X-Y coordinates (North-South vs East-West), you will find the street. I love this city really.

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