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Virtual Little Shop

I found out about this little virtual curio shop called through the pages of Easy Living (UK mag).  The little boutique is run by mother and daughter, Denise and Samantha Allen, and is packed with quirky, interesting little pieces. The website is so much fun.  It is like entering a secret world…. or navigating through an architect’s 3-D blueprint (is there such a thing?).  Come see

I love this cube pendant by Tatiana Sanchez:


and how about this little egg by Stephanie Simek?


Keep using the scroll bar to open more cabinets of stuff. :)


3 thoughts on “Virtual Little Shop

  1. You’re right, it is very interesting. “Jewellery” is the British spelling for jewelry, huh? Doubly interesting :D I love the Hilary Laing scarves, so colorful and eye-catching. I would love to open a shop which Meg and I could run together. It must be liberating if to have a shop where you can exhibit quaint and quirky items and not working about making a profit. It’s a dream of mine :)

  2. Loriszie — yes you should. This shop that I attached a link to is run by mother and daughter. Jewellery is probably the Brit spelling — I guess it IS the correct spelling if you think about it. I have a good friend (also a lawyer here in Chicago) who is Jewish, and she, interesting, pronounces the word as “JEW-lery”. I always laugh when she does that, but now I catch myself pronouncing it that way too. :)

  3. Hey, that has a nice ring to it! Yeah, I’ll try it on for size :) The way I always pronounce it is “jew-well-ry.” Now I understand Bush’s dilemma on the “nuclear” issue haha.

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