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These Are A Few Of My Favorite (British) Things

This post isn’t exactly original.  Posted similar one in my Facebook.  But, in keeping with the purpose of this blog (documenting my being “Miss Chicago” against my missing Chicago, now that I am all the way across the pond), I am reposting my first list of favorite British things.

My friends and family will tell you I am not a person with a particularly sweet tooth.  I am the one who usually skips desserts, and passes when you offer chips or cakes during breaks.  I eat big main meals and nothing in between.  But there is something about British cakes and sweets that I like.  Perhaps it is because they are really not too sweet to begin with.  But they are creamy and milky — a combination I like.  So here are my faves, but please by no means consider this an exhaustive list ….:

1.  Cream cakes from Tesco :

rich and creamy without being overly sweet
rich and creamy without being overly sweet

2.  Tango — with the “zing”.

Not Fanta, but fantastic!
Not Fanta, but fantastic!

3.  Cadbury “Mini Eggs”.  Crispy shell and milky insides (a bit like M&Ms, but again, not as sweet)


and best of all, their visually such treats…. dotted like robin’s eggs and in the heavenliest colors!


4.  Shrimp-Mayo “Jacket Potatoes” (baked potatoes in the US).  They taste heavenly.  But make sure the combo of shrimp and cold mayo is fresh.  I’ve made the mistake of eating the wrong mix and I passed out in a hospital. 

fav 4

I’ve had more and more favorite things added lately.  Will put them up in the coming days.


8 thoughts on “These Are A Few Of My Favorite (British) Things

    1. HI Rhea- Thanks for dropping by. I too enjoyed your blog, and may I include you in my blogroll? Thanks.

    1. That is such a cute description, and come to think of it, they DO look like potatoes wearing jackets. Being “bi-coastal” (living half time in the US and half in the UK) has made me appreciate so much the nuances of the English language and the culture codes that have evolved in its use on both sides of the pond. :)

  1. In Scotland, they don’t score a line down the middle, but 4 or 5 lines from side to side. Then they call them “slaters” which is what they look like (a slater is a woodlouse in Scottish dialect). Sorry. I’ve probably put you off them forever.

    1. Doesn’t faze me at all! Thanks for the info — I will watch out for those when I go up to Scotland next week (friend from US visiting)!

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