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Frou Frou for Free Free

Among the first things that struck me about British magazine stands (they call them “news agents” here) are the proliferation of gossipy tabloids (note to self:  is not “gossipy tabloids” a tautologic term?), and — tadah —  the many interesting freebies that come with their lifestyle, fashion and art publications.  Magazines in the US don’t give freebies the way they do here — cookbooks, DVDs, scarves, body butter from Body Shop(!), soaps, notebooks, gift wrapping prints… you name it.  

I decided to go for a walk down the street to the Co-Op at the end of the day yesterday for air and to top up on our groceries.  At the end of the run I thought to treat myself to a magazine — any no-brainer light read that had nothing to do with the practice of Law.  Maury skype’d his suggestion:  get a really trashy tabloid for a dose of cultural exchange.  Hahaha, nice.  I stood in front of the overflowing rack taking the longest time to pick something I would enjoy reading and not just pick out for the fancy freebie.  I ended up with “Easy Living”, a Conde Nast publication which I believe has no US counterpart, although the racks of Barnes&Noble certainly would have them in their foreign mags.  Nicole Kidman on the cover, and a Cath Kidston “washbag” as a freebie, plus a Cath Kidston mag/catalogue.  That looked like a fair enough deal for GBP3.20 ($4.50).


Cath Kidston does a lot of floral oilcloth stuff.  Her work is equal parts sweetness and quirk.  The frou-frouness of florals is something I must admit I have yet to get used to, much less appreciate.  But this side of the pond, it is a style/design de rigeur and well entrenched in many places, whether in the bigger cities or the smaller towns.  And, when in Rome….

I made a good choice with Easy Living.  It is a cross between Domino, H&G and a little bit of TheNest, translated to CondeNast-ese.  It entertained me enough as I laid in bed battling the sneezies that night.  Light read, although, as of now, very foreign to me still.  :) 

See anything you like?

easy-43 easy-51


I love the butter dish.  So English country cool.
I love the butter dish. So English country cool.

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