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The First Lady and Chicago Style

Michelle Obama’s style is definitely “Chicago”.   Solid on basics, with quirky twists here and there.  And — always ready for a change of weather. :)


For gallery of photos, click here.

And for the “power” behind the fashion, it’s Chicago’s own icon, and dresser of the best dressed, Ikram

Fashion should be eye candy, right down to  a simple t-shirt and sweater.  Even these things can have the most beautiful cut and be luxurious.   — Ikram Goldman


2 thoughts on “The First Lady and Chicago Style

  1. I don’t like what she’s wearing here, looks like a cutout, weird. But she’s got gorgeous legs, I’ll give her that. She’s had hits and misses so far, but hey, like the rest of us, she’s only human :)

  2. Agreed. She has SERIOUS hits and misses. But she’s very high profile (maybe because she is young) and very closely watched. And a lot of people are just very “protective” about her being a style-icon when she is clearly, as you said, just human and developing her style.

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