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Bless This Mess (Project Kitchen)

Yesterday, I spent over 5 hours turning THIS —


to THIS —


I moved, washed, cleaned, wiped, scraped, scraped more and tossed.  This is a very bachelor’s kitchen I’m tackling, and yes, this is War.  Tell-tale signs of a Bachelor’s Kitchen:

1.  Mismatched dishes and cutlery

2.  Chipped pieces

3.  Flaking teflon pans

4.  Seriously blurry pan covers – simple solution:  Vinegar.

5.  Wine glasses and beer mugs occupying the prime cabinet areas 

6.  Over-supply of cleaning products tucked indiscriminately in almost every drawer

7.  Seriously unsophisticated cooking utensils (as if everything in the world can be cooked with an almost flat wooden spoon)  — Good job I brought quite a herd of tools over from the US .

8.  Ancient shopping receipts everywhere

9.  Where in heaven is the trash can? 

10.  Why are raw uncut onions in the fridge?

11.  Potatos in chill bin sprouting icky babies all over the place — ewww.

12.  A ton of ready-made sauces, all expired .

And so I tackled the Big Job through the combined Forces of Team Britain —

Team England

(Believe me, compared to the almost industrial-strength cleaning products of the US, the UK’s are all wuss and wimpy); and Team USA


(That innocent-looking white thing on the right I swear is Cleaningdom’s veritable best, deadliest  weapon of mass destruction….).  Oh, and special mention goes to good ol’ reliable General Vinegar.

We did a pretty good job I think.

On the bright side, our pantry is now better-stocked, and the kitchen cabinets has a leaner, less idiotic set-up.  Yes, I mean since I moved in.  And better yet, we’re seriously renovating soon.  :)

p.s., I brought these in from our garden to cheer-up and appease the newly-overhauled Kitchen.



2 thoughts on “Bless This Mess (Project Kitchen)

  1. Pssst, just make sure to put those beer mugs where the hubby may easily grab them. Remember, they occupied those prime cabinet positions for a good reason LOL. And his old reliables (flat wooden spoon, ready to use sauces-new ones of course) should be discoverable for those occasions when HE needs to use the kitchen by himself.

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