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Sugar Fried Bananas

At the urging of my good friend Jane B. to defy guilt and just get on with it, I just made and ate sugar-fried bananas.  The verdict:  delicious, of course.  Here is the recipe. I think I may have posted it on my Facebook.  But then I am seriously considering closing that down.   Here the recipe.


2 bananas, sugar, butter and oil.


cut up the bananas into chip shapes.  Heat your pan by first lining it lightly with oil.  When the oil is hot then put in butter.  (Oil before butter prevents the butter from blackening).  Throw in bananas.  Sprinkle with sugar.  Then flip bananas over.  Sprinkle other side.  When bananas get soft but not too limp and nicely golden, take out of fire.

Delicious.  But beware.  Sugar caramelizes and that makes it a bit hard to wash off plates and pans.  That’s the trade off.

Calories:  Fair exchange for a few moments of heaven. :)


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