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Medlar the Cat by bloomsburygroup

One of my favorite etsy artists is Zena, the genius behind the Bloomsbury Group (etsy seller name:  “bloomsburygroup“).   Zena lives in White Sussex, England. I have 2 of her art dolls which I ordered in the Fall of 2008. I’ll save the write-up on them for another day, and show pics.   Today, I want y’all to meet the loveable (…. drum roll….) Medlar the Cat, by Zena.  Grains and seeds at the base prop Medlar on his own.  His face is painted, and he has an interesting tail curled at his side.  I love Zena’s works for their detail, and the little twists and surprises she tucks here and there:  a button, little bell, ribbon, tiny felt balls.  The badges of a well-thought, this-is-made-just-for-you piece.  The small twists make you not just like and admire the work, they make you love it.  The “twist” I love about Medlar is the frayed ribbon on his neck (see left side of pics, color strands).  It’s almost like the artist quickly, randomly, tied several pieces of silk string together.  And yet, the resulting ribbon is beautiful; and I still have to figure out how it makes Medlar just perfect.  So here he is:  Medlar on the shelf —

medlar-1medlar far

And did you notice the little “heart” pin Zena gave me?  It’s by Medlar’s feet —


Look closely at the details and stitching…


Thank you, Zena. :)

God is in the details. – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


2 thoughts on “Medlar the Cat by bloomsburygroup

  1. Wow, what a blog!
    I am very honoured to have my work written about in such a positive way!
    To actualy see one of my pieces being enjoyed and ,’brought to life’ ,is magic! What more could an artist ask for? I have achieved what I set out to do!
    I will follow this blog with great interest.
    I love Steph’s quotes, they are very humbling!
    Hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I have!
    Regards from the UK,
    Zena of Bloomsbury Group.

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