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aFASHIONato :)

I hope the title’s play on words is not lost on you.  The Italian “appassionato” means to pursue something ardently.  So I am indulging my mild (ok, passionate) interest in fashion.  This time its nothing  really serious, but today I found myself a pair of Doc Martens in a style that I like and feel comfortable in.   At DSW in Kansas City, with best bud JaryMean of course — yes, her! or how on earth would I even think of shoes, right?. 

So anyway, back to the topic.  Over the Christmas holidays, C and I were looking high and low for a pair especially with the harsh (snowy and icy) Chicago weather. I slipped so often when we’re gliding on the ice that C had seriously suggested getting a pair of “DM”s.  Of course, he being dyed-in-the-wool Brit, he grew up on those (and Wellies).  DMs are known to be resistant to slips caused by everything from petrol to acid, so hopefully it will keep me from those embarassing trips over the ice. So here’s the pair I finally chose, and with JaryMean’s validation that they are cool.  The style is very “young” (which would be the only reason I do not like them,  – they’re not exactly elegant)  but hey, these 7-holers are also serious battle gear more than fashion:

3207951773_d6c035895813207952373_2ea361fbd11  I got them on further 40% discount, so yeah, this pair cost $60.  I checked online and the cheapest I could find is from for $100.  So I did pretty good.  And finally, I know they’re chunky and clunky and may look like men’s shoes.  Which is why I took two shots which would show you the little “flower” of sorts at the upper rear side of the shoe.  That “girls” it down I hope.  :)


“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way when you criticize them you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.”  – Jack Handey


3 thoughts on “aFASHIONato :)

  1. I like them. Before I read the note in entirety I thought they were Craig’s haha. I bet they have good ankle support too. They look heavy though, as in ‘mabigat’. Are they?

  2. Hi Swirlin’Cloud –
    They are not light, but for the volume and clunk it really isn’t too bad. :) I wore them today, and probably look like the village punk.

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