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Blizzard Tonight

Chicago is metaphorically known as the Windy City because of its history of arrogant politicians.  But I am convinced that the Windy monicker rings just as true for its weather.  The cold can be fierce, and I mean brutally so, because of the winds.  I live 2 blocks from Lake Michigan, and there are the times when I am physically pushed forwards by the strong winds.  Tonight’s forecast, from what I gather from the weather channel is… wow, a BLIZZARD.  Do we need that?  Not if I had my way.  Certainly we’re bracing ourselves for the kind of cold that can only be described as FEROCIOUS.

Blizzard warning for Chicago: Yes, you see it correctly. There is a blizzard warning in effect for Chicago. It goes into effect tonight at midnight central time and lasts until noon on Tuesday.

The same storm system we mentioned at the 11:01 am ET update will track east today move into Illinois and Indiana by tonight. The snow will not be tremendous with this system (especially for Chicago standards) but the winds will be ferocious. As the snow falls and the system pulls farther to the east, winds on the backside of the storm will begin to crank out of the northwest.

As stated earlier, the winds will not only blow around the falling snow but will kick up any freshly fallen snow on the ground. It goes nearly without saying that visibility will be very poor.

Along with the winds and the poor visibility comes the brutal wind chills. The winds will be ushering in an arctic air mass so that factor combined with high winds means that it will feel like it’s 10 to 20 degrees below zero tonight. Definitely a night to crank the heat or light your fireplace and stay indoors!

Traveling tonight is highly discouraged on both local roads and interstates. Prepare now for the upcoming dangerous weather conditions.


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