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Welcome Christmas Visitor

This Christmas saw a small “influx” of handmade little treats for me. This loveable thing was made for me by my friend, Anna. She patterned the dress of the doll after a dress she and I bought at BCBG Max Azaria a year back. At that time we had marvelled at the quirkiness and detail of the dress. Now I have a doll with a mini one. I love her sparkly shoes, and her long legs. And Anna’s comment? “yes, it won’t be you without the skinny long legs.” Thanks Anna. She has an etsy store under seller name “1760sundayhouse”, and a very interesting and fun blog.  Go visit.


Take note:  This little darling came in the handmade box hat beside her.  The box is a piece of work in itself.  Look closely. 


I haven’t had something handmade for me in quite a while, so this one is special.  No wonder every time I pass by her work room (the artist and I share an apartment when I am in her little town of Joplehem) she turns the lights off and hollers “you can’t come in here!”.  Yeah, Santa’s workroom.  As I said, it’s very special to get treats like this. :)

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.  ~Janice Maeditere


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