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Serendipity No. 1: “Be Happy Now”

I love the word “serendipity”.  On my ear it sounds light.  On paper it looks graceful.  As an idea it is, I don’t know, …. “encouraging” is the word that comes to mind.  It has been described as the effect when one accidentally discovers something fortunate especially while looking for something entirely different.  I love it when Serendipity just happens.  I’ve been blessed to have stumbled upon many serendipitous finds, and thought I should write about them when I get a chance.  Here’s goes the first one of many I hope.

I’ve had the recent heureux hasard of discovering the work of Jenny Meilihov in one of those random clicks that pepper (and spice up) my marathon work hours in front of the computer.  Jenny is an artist living in Israel, and goes by the seller name “behappynow” in Etsy.  Jenny’s works are whimsical, and very imaginative.  In her works is a WORLD, fresh, magical and boundless.  No rules, no constraints.  Which is as Art should be.  I love the big things in her work as much as the details, surprises, and subtleties that come out when I take a second look.  As you can tell, she is one of my very top favorites.

One of Jenny’s works, an original collage, now hangs in the downtown Chicago law office of my good friend, Dalia, a young “rising star” who is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the copyrights and trademarks law practice.  It features a girl flying over the world with small wings for sleeves.  And on her back appear the Hebrew word for “fly”.  I’d always known Dalia would love this piece and that she, being Jewish, would appreciate it in a way deeper than I ever will.  I’m glad I gave that to her, a constant reminder to her to keep soaring.

Please visit Jenny’s etsy store if you’re interested to see more of her works.

And thanks, Jenny, for the wonderful work you do. 

Here’s more detail:

It has been said that Art is a tryst, for in the joy of it Maker and Beholder meet.  – Kojiro Tomita


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