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The Mushroom Cometh

Of all the things I can become in the last 5 years in this City jumpstarting a legal career in a new jurisdiction it had to be a Road Warrior.  But yes, I am in constant motion:  hopping on planes, catching trains, hailing cabs, running on foot, driving miles on miles through sun, rain and snow my ears glued to the GPS like Life depended on it (to a road warrior it does really).  And so it is always a relief to be able to come back to the familiarity of the good ol’ Chicago apartment.  And the most recent time I did (two weeks ago), I had the added bonus of a little surprise too.  Candy, the mushroom!  The one I waited for but in all my work-frenzy forgot about.  She came in a little USPS box, cute as promised.  Only better.  She has fabulous buttons on her hair, especially the big glassy-looking ones at the back.  I love that her former owner (and creator) sent her off to me decked with an little orange scarf to keep her warm.


Doesn’t she look happy in her adoptive home?  Thanks, Eva.  [You can view her works at, under store name effunia.  She has a nice colony of mushroom, longing to travel the world and visit a new home.]

“Be ready to be surprised.”  ~ Loesje


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