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It’s In The Accent

It never ceases to amaze me how Technology has changed the world.  Being a child of the ’80s (ooops, did I reveal too much), I witnessed it all.  From typewriter to word processor to Windows and the Internet.  Tech has made art and the artful accessible.  Today, mixed media rules.

“Charlie and Lola” is probably my favorite little brother-and-sister mixed-media treat.  They are cartoon character sketches overlapped with computer-generated effects, and cut outs from photos, superimpositions here and there.  All the what-have-yous.  Definitely not your ordinary cartoon.

Audially, these little kids just have adorable British accents.  And really, tell me, who would not fall in love that?  ; )  I know I have — head over heels.  :)

Their site  :

Here are some pics.



All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  ~Pablo Picasso~


One thought on “It’s In The Accent

  1. The only trouble is, I think they sound like how an adult thinks a cute child sounds, rather than how children do really sound, and I find that a bit irritating. But plenty of people disagree with me, and think it sounds authentic.

    I love their characters: Charlie the responsible older brother and Lola the whimsical imaginative younger sister.

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