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~Bean Crazy~

Avi goes to a character of a barber here in the heart of Chicago.  He is mean, opinionated, eccentric with a totally set of rules.  The barber I meant.  Only the person who is to have is haircut is allowed in the shop.  Friends can go take walks around the blocks.  And you pay a different rate if you had your hair cut during lunch break.  So anyway, we get updates from Avi all the time about this barber’s point of view.  The last time was about “green beans”.  According to the barber, green beans is the “star” of veggies.  The Chinese, he said (this barber is Chinese), knows this full well.  And because green beans is “the star”, it can only be cooked with ground meat.  Because ground meat takes the supporting role.  owwwwwwwwwwkay.  Broccoli on the other hand, is the opposite.  Thus broccoli is cooked with big chunks of beef, and it is the beef that plays the main part.  Ok, Avi.  I don’t get his point.  Avi agrees and assures me that neither does he.

But anywhoo, I agree with the Barber though that Green Beans is a star.  Green beans is in fact one of my favorites.  Today I tried a strange new recipe and if you are interested to try this, read on:

Green beans (slice diagonally)

Garlic, chopped.

Lemon, juiced.

Soy sauce.

Serrano pepper, salt and pepper.

Very simple rules.  Heat wok.  When very hot, throw in some salt…. and then throw in the beans and the serrano pepper on high heat.  (The pre-splash of salt helps preserve the green color of the beans).  When cooked (not too cooked), take out of pan and put in plate.  Retain oil (there should be quite a bit left… not too little please).  When oil is hot.. throw in the garlic, fry till golden brown.  Then throw in mixture of lemon juice and soy sauce.  Keep cooking.  You may add a bit of flour if you want to thicken sauce.  When cooked, pour on top of beans.  DELICIOUS.  And thats not a biased verdict.


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